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The Symbolism of Colors

YELLOW is the color of attraction, charm, joy, develops intellect, creativity and the power of concentration and persuasion. Favors studies and discipline. It symbolizes solar energy and inspiration.

BLUE soothes and brings mental clarity, tranquility, anti-depression, faithfulness, creativity, patience, understanding, security, affection, joy and peace of mind. It favors intellectual activities meditation and domestic harmony. It symbolizes sincerity, loyalty, devotion, faith.

WHITE repels negative energies and balances the aura. Facilitates spiritual contacts. Helps the cure. It symbolizes hope, purity, truth, peace.

BROWN represents discipline and observance of the rules. Attracts money earned in high-risk professions. It stimulates confidence and gives energy, firmness, health and financial success. Used to request protection from family members and even pets. Its power to find lost objects is known. Symbolizes confidences.

GOLD attracts money, power and good financial achievements. It conveys confidence, courage, happiness. It symbolizes vigor, superior intelligence, male virility and nobility.

ORANGE brings career success, courage, physical energy, luck, vitality, mental alertness. Symbolizes tolerance, cordiality, attractiveness.

SILVER and GRAY gives stability, balance and poetic sweetness. It drives away negative forces. Symbolizes female energies, maturity and reconciliation

BLACK favors self-analysis, conveys introspection, eliminates discord. It symbolizes mysticism and all unknown secrets.

Purple conveys power, wealth. Helps overcome business difficulties. It symbolizes clarity of thought.

PINK is romance, spiritual love, success, passion. Symbolizes honor, friendship, romance, spiritual healing.

GREEN the most harmonious and soothing color of all. It evokes hope, balance, security and satisfaction. It conveys prosperity, balance, abundance. Symbolizes new life, fertility, growth and health.

Warm and stimulating RED is the color of passion and achievement. Transmits willpower and sex drive, energy, virility. It symbolizes passion, combat and conquest.

VIOLET The color of cosmic energy and spiritual inspiration, intuition, personal improvement, neutralizes emotions. It symbolizes spirituality, dignity, purification and transformation.


YELLOW - Lion - Light Yellow Candles on Sunday BLUE - Fish (dark), Taurus (dark), Crab (dark), Scale (green), Sagittarius (dark), Aquarius (iridescent) - Light blue candles on Thursday. WHITE - Crab - Light White Candles on Monday BROWN - Virgin, Aquarius - light brown candles on any day of the week GRAY - Scales, Gemini - Light Gray Candles on Monday GOLD - Lion - use on Sunday ORANGE - Lion, Virgin (siena), Aquarius (dark) - Light orange candles on Wednesday SILVER - Crab, Virgin - light silver candles on Monday BLACK - Scorpio - light black candles on Saturday PURPLE - Sagittarius (lavender) - light purple candles on Thursday PINK - Taurus, Scales - light pink candles on Friday GREEN - Taurus, Pisces - light green candles on Friday RED - Ram, Lion (Scarlet), Scorpio (dark) - light red candles on Tuesday VIOLET - Sagittarius - Light Red Candles on Thursday

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