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Extracto de lirio del valle
[200 ml]

Valley Lily Extract - The medicinal properties of lily of the valley have been successfully used in the treatment of certain diseases. All components of this plant, flowers and leaves and root, contain substances belonging to the group of cardiac glycosides. Lily of the valley is considered one of the oldest plants in the cure of certain diseases. In the Middle Ages in Europe, it was very well known and medicines made with lily of the valley enjoyed great popularity. In Prussia and England the preparation of the lily of the valley made from an infusion called 'golden water' was very effective.
Lily of the valley contains many different substances, organic acids, saponins, essential oil, which is much appreciated in perfumery and flavoring flowers. The combination of these substances has a beneficial effect on the heart, which helps to improve blood flow and expansion of blood vessels of the kidneys, which is a diuretic effect. Glycosides contained in the lily of the valley, help calm the central nervous system.

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